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3 Ways Real-Time Debit Card Alerts Provide Peace Of Mind

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What is peace of mind worth to you? For me, it’s priceless. What if I told you that, peace of mind can be found for free, or as little as $2 per month.

With Real-Time Debit Card Alerts from First Southern National Bank, you can receive alerts whenever your debit card is utilized, or declined.

Below are 3 ways these alerts provide a little extra peace of mind and reassurance that I’m doing my best to monitor my account for fraud.

1. Approvals

Real-Time Debit Card Alerts allow customers to receive alerts whenever their debit card is utilized. By receiving alert with every transaction, you diligently know that every swipe is indeed yours.

2. Declines

Fraudulent transactions can happen fast. If a thief gets ahold of your physical card, or your Debit Card number, they will typically do a test transaction and then start charging. It’s important to catch fraud as quickly as possible.

3. Spending Habits

I’ve discovered that Debit Card Alerts are a fantastic way to monitor my personal spending habits. Not only can I be more diligent in watching for fraudulent transactions, but it also helps to hold me accountable in watching my spending and avoiding mindless swiping.

If you are a First Southern customer interested in receiving Real-Time Debit Card Alerts, you can sign up and manage alerts via Mobile or Digital Banking under the “Manage Alerts” tab. Email alerts are free, or you can choose to receive alerts via text for $2 per month, per card.

Find out other ways to stay in-the-know for all your account activity and away from fraud at

Jenna Walker
Communications Specialist

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