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6 Tips to Stay In-The-Know and Away From Card Fraud

Stay in-the-know!

With a busy family that is always on-the-go, 99% of the time we use our debit card to pay for everyday items. I know my family is not alone! According to a recent Federal Reserve poll, more than 60% of transactions are paid using a card.

While utilizing my debit card is super-convenient and quick, increased usage does increase the chances of fraud.

I’m a stickler for checking my account activity online, and I encourage you to be diligent as well.

How do you verify that every debit card transaction that hits your account is legitimate and authorized by you?

Here are 6 tips to stay in-the-know of all your account activity and away from fraud.


  1. Dip your chip card – “Dipping” or inserting your card into a payment terminal is safer than swiping. If you haven’t upgraded to the First Southern EMV “chip” card, you can do so at your local branch or by ordering online at
  2. Sign up for Real-time Debit Card Alerts – Real-time Debit Card Alerts are fantastic! You’ll get an email or text every time your debit card is used, allowing you to monitor your spending habits and watch for fraudulent transactions. Email alerts are free, or you can opt for text alerts for $2 per month, per card. To sign up, customers can contact their local branch or sign up via Digital Banking > Manage Alerts > Card Alerts
  3. Flip the switch – If you misplace your card or know it’s fallen into the wrong hands, you can turn off your card in real-time using the Manage Cards feature within Digital Banking. Anything that’s scheduled for automatic payments will still be paid, but it will prevent anyone from using your card when it’s turned off.
  4. Use your digital wallet – If you’re a digital wallet user, you already know this is a convenient and secure way to pay. Tokenization is becoming more prevalent and an accepted payment option at many popular places of business.
  5. Utilize Face ID and Touch ID (iPhone) /Imprint (Android) – Support for facial recognition and fingerprint scanning has made digital banking much more convenient and secure. To enroll, visit the Security Login Options screen under your Digital Banking profile. (login > profile > security > login options)
  6. Be a stickler – Check your account activity online or via the First Southern Mobile Banking App often. On average, First Southern customers login 18 times per day, so you won’t be the only one!

Hopefully, these tips will help empower you to feel in control of your money at all times. The key takeaway is that no matter your preferred method of payment, always be vigilant and smart. As always, we are available for any questions you might have at 866-602-3762.

Josh Bowles
Digital Solutions Specialist

(606) 365-3555 Ext: 19402