Privacy & Security

Fraud & Identity Theft Protection

Whether you bank online, in person or over the phone, we're constantly working to protect you from criminal activity. Learn more about fraud—and what to do in case you become a victim.

Wonder if something you’ve received is a legitimate First Southern communication?

Call us right away at 866-602-3762.

Information We Will Never Ask For

We will never ask for your Online Banking username or password, account number, Personal Identification Number (PIN) or Social Security number in an email.


Familiarize yourself with basic information about fraud and identity theft so you're less likely to become a victim. Learn More.


Get the lowdown on scammers' latest and greatest techniques -and what you can do to stay a step ahead of them.Think Ahead.


Learn how to report any suspicious activities and resolve fraud and identity theft issues. Overcome.


If you have any questions regarding how First Southern handles your nonpublic personal information, you may contact us in writing at First Southern National Bank, P.O. Box 328, Stanford, Kentucky  40484, or call us toll-free at 866-602-3762.