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P2P Payments Are Here!

Pay who need to when you need to

Person to Person Payments Make Sending Money Safe and Easy

I’m sure you have found yourself in at least one of these situations before:

  • You are out to eat with friends or family and need to split the restaurant bill.
  • You have purchased something via a Facebook Marketplace transaction or online yard sale and need to complete the purchase.
  • Your college student needs an instant payment.
  • Rent is due, but you are out of town and can’t drop off a check.
  • You’ve picked out the perfect group gift for that special person in your life and need to divide the cost

At First Southern National Bank, we understand that life is busy, and sometimes you need solutions to simplify your life. P2P Payments from First Southern National Bank is here to simplify any person-to-person transaction.

You can transfer funds to almost anyone at any time. You only need the payee's cell phone number or email address. All your payee needs is a debit card that is associated with an account at almost any bank.

We’ve created a step-by-step video to walk you through the process. Go ahead, give it a try. Feel free to press "play" and "pause" as needed.



You can also view step-by-step instructions in PDF form for Online Banking and our Mobile Banking app on this page.

Remember, you're only a phone call away from a real person to help you out if you get stuck. Give us a call at 866-602-3762 and one of our folks would be glad to serve you.

Jenna Walker
Communications Specialist

(606) 365-3555 Ext: 19405