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Overdraft Protection Services

Your card is denied. The check bounces. We all make mistakes. Even though these things can happen to anyone, they are still embarrassing. And they are a hassle. Worst of all, a bounced check may result in multiple fees – a Return Item fee from the bank and from the person or business you intended to pay.

First Southern National Bank offers many different ways to help you avoid the hassle and embarrassment of a returned check or denied payment due to non-sufficient funds. We offer free Online and Mobile Banking to all customers so you can keep up with account balances and activity anytime from anywhere. Online and Mobile Banking also allow you to transfer funds between accounts quickly and easily. Nevertheless, overdrafts do occur, and when they do, we offer additional protection and options to help ensure that your payments go through as you intended the first time.

overdraft chart

In an effort to keep your account from becoming overdrawn, you can authorize us to make automatic transfers to and from various deposit accounts for only $5.00 per transfer. With your authorization, Transfer Protection will take place automatically, without requiring you to make a call or other special arrangements. Funds are typically set up to transfer in $50 increments, but may be customized to your preference. Transfer Protection is available to all First Southern checking account customers.

If you have overdrawn your account by a check, ACH electronic payment, ATM withdrawal, teller window transaction, or point-of-sale debit card transaction, Special OPS may cover your transaction even though you do not have enough money in your account. In addition to having a negative account balance, you will incur a $32 overdraft fee, with a max of $165 per day. This limit will include the continuous overdraft fee of $5.00. However, you will not incur any merchant fees. If you have established Transfer Protection to cover a negative balance through an automatic transfer from another deposit account or a personal line of credit, the Bank will access funds from these sources before using your Special OPS overdraft limit. Special OPS is available to all Online Checking, First Class Checking and Choice Checking account holders.

You should make every attempt to bring your account to a positive balance within 24 hours. If you are unable to bring your account to a positive balance within four days, please call us. We are happy to work with you.

While there are benefits to Special OPS, please be advised that there are risks associated with using this service and you are encouraged to manage your account responsibly.

Enrollment in Special OPS does not guarantee that we will always pay your transaction when you do not have sufficient funds to cover the transaction. Circumstances that may prompt this action would be suspect fraudulent activity within the account.

Let us know you think establishing a Line of Credit is right for you and we’ll connect you with a First Southern loan expert to help analyze your needs, explain your options and answer your questions.

Are you ready to learn more or set up extra protection for your account? Call us at 866-602-3762.