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As April 15th approaches, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of information needed to prepare and file your taxes. Regardless of whether you prepare your taxes yourself, use online programs or software as a guide, or use services such as personal accountants or tax prep professionals; the first step is to gather all your paperwork.

From tax forms, online statements and transaction details data, First Southern National Bank’s easy-to-use app and online banking portal can assist in your information gathering for tax purposes.

Follow these steps to locate the Forms and Statements needed with ease.


Tax Forms

Login to Digital Banking --> Documents --> Document Type --> Tax Forms --> Choose Year


Transaction Data Export

Login to Digital Banking --> View Accounts --> Choose Account --> Download


Online Statements

Login to Digital Banking --> Documents --> Document Type --> Statements


First Southern National Bank app

If you want to doublecheck that you’ve compiled everything necessary to complete your tax-preparation, there are many checklists available online. Dave Ramsey has resources to utilize on their site and can be found here.

If you haven't already enrolled, you can start the Self-Registration process from First Southern’s website at Just click the New User link below the Online Banking Login area.

You can also self-register right from the First Southern National Bank app. To download the app, search “First Southern” from your phone’s App Store or visit for direct download links.

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