First Southern National Bank

Questions About Switching

Is it easy to change my direct deposit?

Yes. We have a one-page Direct Deposit Switch Form that will only take seconds to fill out and submit to your employer or payroll department.

Do I get a Debit Card with my new First Southern checking account?

Yes. A no-fee First Southern Visa Debit Card is a feature of every First Southern checking account. Use it everywhere Visa is accepted and every purchase you make will be paid for directly from your First Southern checking account. It’s safe and secure, and much easier that writing checks.

What if my loan is set up with an automatic payment from another bank?

Even if your loan payment is made to another financial institution, you can still have the automatic payment set up to come out of your new First Southern checking account. We have a simple one-page form you can use to notify your lender that your payment will come from a different account in the future. It is easy to make the switch.