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Visa Debit Card FAQ

Have questions about a VISA Debit Card from First Southern National Bank? Click on any question below for details and answers to your questions about our VISA Debit Card and the many benefits that go along with this valuable add on.

The embedded chip in your new VISA Debit Card protects your card information by generating a unique transaction code each time you use your card at a chip-enabled register. This technology is becoming the new global standard in fraud protection.

No. Your new card has simply been updated to provide you with enhanced security. There are no changes to your existing terms and conditions.

If the register is chip-enabled, you will see a small change in how you process your transaction. You will be prompted to insert your card into the machine (an action known as “dipping”), and your card will remain in the terminal until the transaction has finished. You will be prompted to remove your card when the transaction is complete.

No. You will not use a PIN to make purchases. However, certain merchants will require a signature to approve your transaction. You will still use your PIN when making ATM cash withdrawals.

Your chip-enabled VISA Debit Card is also equipped with a magnetic stripe that allows you to use your card anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. Whether you check out using chip technology or by swiping your card, you can pay with confidence at millions of places worldwide.

If you have your card information stored digitally - online merchant, mobile wallet or other third party vendor - you will need to update your CVV Number, located on the back of your card, and the expiration date. Being proactive in updating your card information will prevent any disruption in service.

New cards issued at the time of account opening, or as VISA debit cards expire will be issued at no charge. If you would like to take advantage of the increased security of our chip-enabled VISA debit cards or new scenic design, you may submit a request by submitting the Replacement VISA Debit Card Order Form online. The atm / debit card replacement fee is $10.00.

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