First Southern National Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

We've taken notes and put together a list of top questions from our Muhlenberg county customers. If you need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Our goal is to join forces to create a stronger community bank for you. In addition, the merger provides the added convenience of more bank and ATM locations and additional products and services. It is no accident that the similar culture and values of both organizations make our teams a great fit.

We are working toward a seamless transition. You should see minimal changes to your day-to-day banking. However, you will have access to a variety of new First Southern products and services when applying for a new loan, opening a new account or establishing any other bank product or service in the future.

Yes. The most obvious change you will notice will be the new bank name, First Southern National Bank. While a new name is a big change, most other things will remain the same—like where you bank and the bankers you know and trust.

Lanie Gardner will serve as our Community President in Muhlenberg County. We understand the importance of Lanie’s leadership and we are thrilled that she will remain an active part of this organization. She has already become a valuable member of the First Southern leadership team.

Yes. Branches in Bremen, Central City and Greenville will open for business as First Southern National Bank branches at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, July, 27. Branch hours will remain the same.

Yes. The branch phone numbers will not change, nor will the direct dial numbers for the bank team members. You can reach our Bremen team by calling 270-525-6654, our Central City team by calling 270-754-3300, and our Greenville team by calling 270-338-3505.

Yes. You will have access to First National Bank ATMs until 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 25. On Monday, July 27, you will have access to those same ATMs, in addition to 15 other First Southern National Bank ATMs, using your new First Southern Visa® ATM / Debit card. Your new card will automatically activate and be ready for use on Monday, July 27.

Yes. You can still access account information by calling the same Telephone Banking number as always: 800-780-8594 or 270-754-2233.

All deposits at First National Bank will continue to be insured separately by the FDIC for at least six months after the conversion date. All time deposits (Certificates of Deposit and IRAs) opened at First National Bank prior to July 25, 2015 will be insured up to the maturity date. All accounts at First Southern National Bank are also insured up to the maximum coverage outlined by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

All CD and IRA rates will remain the same. If you have an interest-bearing checking account or savings account, you may contact the branch at 270-754-3300 for the current interest rate.

No loss of interest will occur. The interest earned on your First National Bank account will be paid through Friday, July 24. Your account will begin accruing interest at First Southern National Bank on Saturday, July 25. Interest on First Southern checking accounts is compounded monthly and credited monthly. Interest on First Southern savings accounts is compounded quarterly and credited quarterly.

All current terms and conditions will continue to apply for all Safe Deposit Boxes.

All current loan rates, terms and conditions will continue to apply.

You may continue to make payments at local branches in person or by mail; however, it will be necessary to make checks payable to First Southern National Bank. If you make your monthly payment with a loan coupon book, you can continue to use the same booklet for the life of the loan. If you make your payment using a monthly statement, your new First Southern National Bank loan statement will provide information going forward. Automatic payments will transfer without interruption and will occur on the same schedule.

Fees for deposit accounts may change. A list of current fees is available any time upon request. A schedule of fees associated with your account is located elsewhere in this site.

First Southern maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to ensure your non-public information remains secure. Our privacy policy may be found online at

All current terms and conditions will continue to apply for your Christmas Club account; however, when the account pays out in October, you will need to contact us to open a new Christmas Club account.

Absolutely, yes. GospelFest has become an event our team and the community looks forward to each year and we are proud to continue to carry on that tradition. The date for this year’s GospelFest Live is September 2 and admission is still free! The concert begins at 6 p.m. on the corner of First and Broad in downtown Central City.

The Savannah, Georgia Adventure scheduled for September 21-25 is still on!

You can still call the same friendly, knowledgeable local team members you’ve grown to know and trust for years. While the bank name may be changed, the faces you see will stay the same. You can also access information on First Southern’s Website at