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Forgot your wallet? Our digital wallet options have you covered!

No Worries with Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets to the Rescue!

Have you ever been shopping and made it to the cashier to checkout, only to realize you’ve forgotten your wallet or misplaced your debit card? I've experienced that frantic feeling before and have been saved by my digital wallet on more than one occasion.

Recently, First Southern National Bank has expanded its payment solution lineup to include support for digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Fitpay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. That means you have access to more secure and convenient payment methods for your everyday transactions. Pay your friend through iMessage, buy a sports drink with your Fitbit device or pay for your meal using your smartphone – all without having to bring out a physical wallet!

Digital wallets can be used for purchases in-store, in-app and online. To learn more about adding your First Southern National Bank VISA debit card to a supported digital wallet, visit

To get the maximum benefit, remember to look for your digital wallet logo to see if the store can take your payment. More and more merchants are adding support, so there’s a good chance your favorite retail shop can accept these methods of payment.

Jenna Walker
Communications Specialist

(606) 365-3555 Ext: 19405