Sell 30 Items in 30 Days

November 06, 2013

I don’t know that I’ve ever considered myself to be frugal. But I AM a fan of eliminating clutter, which is why the “Pre-Holiday Purge Challenge” from the Frugal Confessions blog caught my eye.

I share a home with a husband, three kids, a dog and a small army of stuffed animals and baseball cards. I am the family equipment manager – hanging up baseball bags and lining up cleats. I usually recycle my kids “papers” within 12 hours of when they come in the back door. I take down Christmas decorations and put gifts away on December 26 (my husband and I argue about this one every year).

In short, my name is Carla Carr and I despise clutter. Sell 30 items in 30 days? I think I could do it! Save a little money by making a little money – just in time to go Christmas shopping! Who is with me? By the way, does anyone need a kids drum set? 

** Disclaimer: You would never know about my non-clutter obsession by looking at my office here at the bank. But to me, that’s different. I like to think of my desk as a creative mess -as opposed to the product of tidy idleness.

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