Save to Give - Without Missing It

November 21, 2013

One of my passions is missions. I love to help others.  I have always been the type of individual to tithe at church and give a donation here and there throughout the year, but I wanted to do more.

Last year I decided that in order to do more, I needed to be more intentional in my giving.  What would that look like and how would I do it?

I wanted to set aside money to sponsor a child in another country and I wanted to have extra money available if an opportunity came up to help someone in need.  I determined the best solution for me would be to open what I call a “Giving” checking account, so I did just that.

Now, I have a certain dollar amount deducted from my payroll and directly deposited into my “Giving" account.  It isn’t a large amount and I have quickly become accustomed to not having that in my regular deposit…I never miss it. 

Today, I am proud to sponsor a beautiful little girl in the Dominican Republic through SCORE International. And thanks to my Giving Account, I also have money set aside that I can use when other giving opportunities come up. 

For me…it was all about being intentional.  What about you? Should you Save so you can Give to others?

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