Bell-Ringing Blues?

December 20, 2013

It's Christmas time…you are stopping by the grocery store to pick up the two things you meant to get yesterday. You can’t have a Christmas party without a cheeseball so you HAD to go again.

For the second time this week you throw your scarf around your neck and hop out of your car and then... you hear it.

The bell ringing.

You quickly take inventory in your mind…do I have any spare change in my pocket? Nope.

What about my wallet or purse?

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Sharing the Harvest

October 03, 2013

For more than eight years my husband Jeremy has tried to convince me to move out of our comfortable subdivision life.  

“More land, more freedom, more living off the land,” he said, “like the old timers did.” 

Well, I finally submitted to his more-than-gentle nudging. 

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