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Fraud Alert: Nicholasville Police Warns About Credit Card Skimmers

JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) - Jessamine County drivers beware! Nicholasville Police say there are credit card skimmers in town stealing your information.

As part of the investigation police are not releasing where those devices are located, but say there are a few surefire ways to keep your bank account from getting drained when you fill up.

“Go inside, go to the window...problem is most of these pumps are pre-paid, they want you to pay ahead of time. Also suggest using pumps that are close. If you have multiple pumps...using the ones closer to where the attendant is. Those are typically ones that are less tampered with than the ones on the outside,” Nicholasville Police Officer Kevin Grimes.

Officer Grimes also recommends cash transactions over the plastic.

The technology behind of skimmers is becoming more advanced.

In some cases criminals might not even have to return to the place they drop the skimmers off at.

They simply have to be within a close distance of the skimmer to get a connection to the device.

 “From what I am understanding now---people can access the inside some of these machines and put this inside...sit in a parking lot with a Bluetooth devices--get your information, nobody even knows--not even the employees,” said Officer Grimes.

Of course if you spot any of the skimmers in your neighborhood give Nicholasville Police a call.